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Founded in 2014, Black Hawk Financial has been providing business development, marketing, and investor relations expertise to the financial sector for over 10 years.

Black Hawk Financial is a results-driven firm. We provide value to our clients – increasing brand awareness and investor retention by utilizing our full suite of services.

Founded in 2014, Black Hawk Financial has been providing business development, marketing, and investor relations expertise to the financial sector for over 10 years.

We focus those services on your target markets, clients, and investors - demonstrating that you value their attention by creating a compelling argument to reward you with their business and investment dollars.


With a keen financial appetite from a young age, Leanna landed her first job in the capital markets at age nineteen while attaining her Bachelor’s of Commerce degree in Toronto, Canada.

Leanna has focused on investor relations her entire career, and she has gained securities licensing and experience throughout various fields of global finance living and working in the US, Canada, the UK, and Europe. Through her international work facilitating transactions alongside multi-billion-dollar funds, private and public companies, and a top-tier network of family offices and sovereign wealth funds Leanna then decided to start her firm.

Leanna founded the business development and marketing firm, Black Hawk Financial in 2014 to offer asset managers and service providers, among others, marketing and business development expertise to help target and develop their network of clients, investors, and partners.

Since the release of her bestselling financial literacy book, “Young, Fun, and Financially Free” with 100% of the proceeds going to the WE Foundation, supporting income opportunities and economic stability in developing countries, Leanna has been featured in the media as a live television host, emceed and moderated elite industry events worldwide, and is a contributing expert on hundreds of media outlets, podcasts, and national networks including CNBC, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, NBC, ABC, and more.

Black Hawk Financial Services

Building mutually beneficial relationships between companies and the financial community.
Business Development
Black Hawk acts as your go-to relationship manager between the firm and key industry contacts, clients, and investors. We provide ongoing targeting and outreach while collecting market and investor sentiment to assist management in strategic decision-making. In so doing, we establish a strong base of long-term relationships.

Investor Relations
We ensure consistency of communications and administration with your investors, clients, analysts, and network. We provide your firm the ability to maintain effective engagement through contact management (CRM), market updates, educational resources, IR calendar, and others.  As a result, we establish an ongoing repertoire with the financial community.

Our team will develop and maintain strategic core messaging for your corporate identity based on your value proposition, mission, strategy, and goals. This includes presentations, investor materials, newsletters, conferences, speaking opportunities, and events to build brand equity in your field.

Public Relations
With your corporate goals in mind, we’ll determine the best use of your budget for strategic implementation, project management, introductions to agency relationships, media coverage, and brand enhancement.



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